Вино будет добрым,

если делать его с любовью к людям". Старая мудрость, рожденная два века назад - с тех пор, как на причерноморские земли перебрались немецкие поселенцы Здесь, на благодатном юге Украины, и сейчас живы традиции сердечной теплоты и добротности. Виноделы знают, что виноградная лоза - она живая и помнят, что вино нужно делать - как для самых близких людей. Потому и вино здесь душевное. Позтому и место это особенное. Это - Долина Великой Любви. Это - Гросс-Либенталь.


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  10L BAG-IN-BOX       FRUTTINI      


A unique, delicate and light cocktail combining the pleasant taste of wine, complemented by a juicy note - FRUTTINI. FRUTTINI has been created on the basis of wine with the addition of fruit juices with a low alcohol and low calorie content - pamper your senses with the unique taste of fruit.

With a wide variety of flavors, FRUTTINI aspires to be your drink from the first sip. Color your life with a unique line of cocktails.

The most exquisite wine cocktail - BELLINI VICTORIA. The color of the cocktail is similar to the amazing shade of pink which can be seen on the canvases of the artist Giovanni Bellini, who was perfect in creating unique shades of pink. A new interpretation of the classic youth cocktail, based on white wine with the addition of juicy peach juice and aromatic strawberries.

Price 18.54 uah
The taste of a summer party on the beach with BRAVO RAGAZZO, after all, in hot summer nothing will quench your thirst like a refreshing cactus, taste it and your party will be unforgettable. If you want to party like a summer, and at the same time try something new and tasty, hurry up to discover FRUTTINI BRAVO RAGAZZO!

Price 18.54 uah
A rich cocktail PRIMA DONNA, with a sweet and sour taste and a bright cherry aroma, a pleasant aftertaste, in a convenient format, is the best for women's gatherings. Intense cherry aroma with an attractive sweetness that makes it very easy and pleasant to consume. Start your evening with friends with the right cocktail.

Price 18.54 uah
If you love currant jam, then try PICCOLA BAMBINA AMICA, a refreshing and vibrant mix of red grapes and freshly picked black currants. This bright cocktail is for those who appreciate the refreshing taste of ripe berries.

Price 18.54 uah
If you want to feel yourself in an exotic country, take DOLCE SORPRESA with you, it will immediately take you to the ocean shore. The rich bright orange color and the taste of juicy ripe mango allow nobody to stay indifferent and you will want to repeat your virtual journey.

Price 18.54 uah
Summer continues, hot sand and bright sun together with GRAND SIGNOR will quench your thirst and refresh. A juicy cocktail made of pulp of white peach and grape, which are harvested only after they have reached the ideal ripeness to maximize the concentration of sugar and natural aromas. It harmoniously combines fruity notes of peach and grapes, exquisite sweetness and noble perlage.

Price 18.54 uah

These fresh, light and superior aperitifs should be served chilled to 6-8 degrees, with ice.

The alcohol content is 5.0-6.5% by volume, the sugar content is 6-14% by weight.

Volume 275 ml

The guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.